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Welcome to Peter Sheehan Music

A few years ago I took retirement and moved to the Isère in France. I have had a love of Gregorian Chant since my childhood and over the last few years have written a number of pieces for the organ for use in a liturgical setting incorporating the chant of the day. These became a collection that I have called “Esquisses grégoriennes” or “Gregorian Sketches” since they are based on the Gregorian chants in the Liber Usualis.  

My music

Since Gregorian chant is focused on words as well as melody its rhythms are irregular. It also uses the eight church modes which give a much more varied tonal context than merely major and minor keys. These two characteristics frequently produce some surprising effects as well as posing some difficult problems of tonality and rhthym. That is why for the majority of my compositions I deliberately omit a time signature. I hope you enjoy this collection which contains not only pieces for liturgical use but also items better suited to the concert hall.